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You can clean the copper surface easily with abrasive paper or a surface finishing pad as in the picture. Note: rub lightly, pressing in the direction of the railing. We recommend cleaning if the surface has become tarnished due to long storage. This ensures that the paint will last better.



Bending the "feet"

Bend the small "feet" alternately up and down, so that the railing does not touch the table surface while you are painting.






Paint with spray paint. We recommend 1-component car paint as a primer. Follow the manufacturer’s safety ins- tructions.



For best results when cutting the railing, use small embroidery scissors and be careful not to accidentally cut the connecting "pegs".



      Bending the stairs

It is better to paint the stairs before bending. Using pliers, grip the rail to be bent and the “bridge” that links the step and support the stairs directly against the surface and twist the railing up.





           Bending the steps


Grip the step with needle-nose pliers and twist.