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Modelco is a Finnish company specializing in making scale models of ships and our main customers are Finnish docks. We have twenty years of practice in making ships´ models.

Products and technology

We have gradually started to use information technology in making scale models. In designing the model we use Autocad 3D, hull is milled with CNC, for decks and other constructions we use laser cutting and for small parts - photo etching method. In order to be able to use these methods our customer supplies drawings on constructions and other data they see appropriate. We use this information as basis for our design and make our own drawings for different stages. We fully understand that data delivered to us may contain confidential information, therefore we keep them safe and delete them after finishing the project.

Modelco Model Components

We are not only model makers, we can also offer excellent model components. As a model supplier, you can improve and fasten your model manufacturing process with etched (photo etching) components e.g. railings, stairs, doors etc. developed by Modelco.